Alzheimer's Disease - Part 2 | Episode 012

Episode summary introduction: As Alzheimer’s progresses, caregivers' stress increases exponentially. Placement is often difficult for the patient and the patient’s loved ones. We hope this information can provide some direction during a difficult transition.

Topic 1: As care for patients with moderate to severe dementia continues, it can be extremely difficult for loved ones and caregivers to continue the care from home. Maybe the patient is beginning to wander more frequently or having violent episodes from time to time.

Topic 2: From HH care, Independent Living to ALF and LTC units.

Topic 3:Tips to avoid Caregiver Stress and where to find support for caregivers.

Outro: Alzheimer’s is a difficult disease and there is no cure on the visible horizon. As research continues, we hope the cause can be discovered, but until then, we can continue to educate ourselves. These patients need care where dignity and respect is the focus and their loved ones need support.

Additional Resources Mentioned:

Call to action:

Local Resources:

Alzheimer’s Association: Local Chapter

Family support groups and Annual walk: 10/17/2020 information can be found at the following link:

Project Lifesaver

Lynchburg Project Lifesaver, Inc.

Lynchburg Sheriff's Office

907 Clay Street

Lynchburg, Virginia 24505


National Project LifeSaver

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