Are home DNA kits really worth it? Home DNA results revealed | Episode 017

Episode summary introduction: In this episode we will have a special guest speaker discussing their experience with their recently completed, at home DNA kit and share their results with our listeners.

Topic 1: We discuss our guest speaker’s personal reasons for wanting to complete a home DNA test kit.

Topic 2: We discuss the testing instructions along with website commitment on delivery time and result time turn-around.

Topic 3: We discuss the test results and what was included in this Ancestry + Traits Service package.

  • Ancestry Composition

  • Physical traits

  • Taste traits

  • Weird and Wonderful

  • Family Connections

Outro: I think we learned a lot about what DNA can tell us once the results came in. This would be a great kit to learn about your lineage and where your ancestors come from. This particular kit would not be useful for a medical history, although they do make kits with that information, however, they are more expensive.

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