Autism; Testing, Treatment, and Tomorrow | Episode 005

Episode summary introduction: Welcome to The Nursing Post podcast: all nursing, all the time with Ashley Moore and Rosa Horsley. In the second part of our series, we will dig a little deeper into testing and treatments for Autism.

Topic 1: Testing and evaluation

Testing from pediatrics to adolescents. Understanding milestones and what impairments may look like throughout childhood.

Topic 2: Associated Diagnosis

What diagnoses are most common with Autism and how this can affect everyday life.

Topic 3:Treatments and medication

Understanding treatment options from ABA therapy to what medications may be helpful in treating associated disorders..

Topic 4: Looking ahead

What does the future look like for Autism? Going into the political side of funding and studies that are ongoing to help with early diagnosis.

Additional Resources Mentioned:








Screening tool:

UCSD study and participate information:

Rachel Riggs at or 619-884-8021

Local Resources:

Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center

(434) 525-4790

Centra Autism and Developmental Center

(434) 200-5750

Call to action: Please subscribe to our channel to become part of The Nursing Post family. We will be back next week to talk about navigating the obstacles to find resources for your patient or loved one with Autism.

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