Black Market Organs | Episode 057

Episode summary introduction:

This topic has Rosa written all over it, in my opinion. It’s the thing movies are made of but happens in real life, you don’t hear much about, but it needs to be discussed. Organ Trafficking.

Topic 1:

Organ trafficking requires a plethora of people, from the recruiter who finds the “donors” to the medical professionals who perform the surgery.

Topic 2:

Perhaps the one under which most organ trafficking takes place, is where a person agrees to sell their organ but they are either not paid at all for the organ or they are paid significantly less than they originally agreed upon.

Topic 3:

Situations where traffickers force or deceive persons into giving up their organs is the most common scenario when I think about organ trafficking.. Like when someone wakes up packed in ice with one less kidney. Typically the most vulnerable of people are targeted. People are treated for a condition that they may or may not have, and during that treatment their organ(s) are removed without their knowledge.


Purchasing organs in Iran is sometimes legal, as Iran is the only country in the world where it is legal to sell organs. Iran has established a base price for organs at $4,600, but that is only when the organs are procured legally. There are still many cases when the poor people still go through brokers and are paid an unknown amount. Maybe there is something here. The way that it works now, if there is a living donor, every person in the operating room during the procedure is compensated--except the donor. From the surgeon to the janitor. The recipient is paid with a new organ. Now doesn’t it seem odd that the person who is providing the most important thing of all, their organ, is the only one left unpaid.



Medical journal:


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