Black-market Plastic Surgery | Episode 093

Episode summary introduction:

The thing about beauty is that it’s a fad. Like Heidi Klum used to say, “One day you're in. The next day you're out..”

Topic 1:

The reason why the statistics above are from 2019 is because we wanted a more accurate depiction of what the world of plastics was like before COVID. Remember, when the pandemic began ALL elective procedures were canceled.

Topic 2:

As you can imagine there is not a lot of documented information on this subject. The ones performing the illegal, black-market cosmetic enhancements aren’t raising their hands to tell their stories. The one medical article we came across only had 28 cases.

Topic 3:

Licensing for cosmetic surgery as MD, what you need to know.

Outro: Buyer Beware

  • Only and always use board-certified plastic surgeons.

  • Do your homework

  • Talk to multiple providers

  • Review their experience

  • Talk about the realistic outcomes, risks and/or v. benefits of the planned procedure

  • Make sure that the procedure(s) are performed in accredited facilities and with the appropriate staff and safety equipment



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