Challenges facing the LGBTQ+ in healthcare | Episode 072

Episode summary introduction:

The LBGTQ+ communities have faced an overwhelming bias, along with discrimination and prejudice. For a community that practices inclusivity is unfortunate that the community at large does include them… from everyday life to healthcare. As healthcare professionals, we promise to do no harm. With this episode we hope to encourage open mindedness and inclusivity.

Topic 1:

The basics… what is LGBTQ+ and terminology you need to know? Please be aware this is not an exclusive list of LGBTQ terminology, these are terms that I have commonly heard and feel that you may hear and should understand the meaning so that you can be educated and provide the best care for a patient or support for a loved one.

Topic 2:

individuals who identify as part of this group have less access to health care. Exclusions of transgender health care in private and public health plans could cause a transgender patient to seek treatment options through illegal channels. LGBTQ are at higher risk of heart disease.


It's almost hard to figure out a starting point on eliminating disparities in the LGBTQ community. But just starting, even if it's at the wrong place, in my opinion, is better than nothing. Just a few ways to help with this known discrimination.



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