Cigarettes V. Vapes | Episode 084

Episode summary introduction:

November 18th is the Great American Smokeout Day. Every year the Great American Smokeout brings attention to preventing deaths and chronic illnesses caused by smoking.

Topic 1:

Statistics and cigarette ingredients are discussed.

Topic 2:

Nicotine is a chemical found naturally in tobacco. When you smoke, nicotine is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. Within 10 seconds of entering your body, nicotine reaches your brain. There, it activates what experts call the “reward pathways” – the parts of your brain that create pleasure sensations. Nicotine also causes the brain to release adrenaline, which gives you a sense of greater energy, including an increase in your heart rate.

But nicotine’s effects fade quickly. That’s why smokers keep on puffing – to maintain the drug’s pleasurable effects.

Topic 3:

Youth Statistics according to the FDA

  • More than 2 million youths (middle and high school) in the U.S. are currently using e-cigarettes

  • Nearly 85% are using flavored cartridges

  • Disposable E-cigarettes are the most commonly used

  • 1 in 4 youths use e-cigs daily


If you are a smoker, join the other 1 million smokers and give up smoking for this one day. You never know it could be the start to quitting.


Netflix: Broken Season 1 Episode 2, Big Vape

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