CNA Appreciation Week 2021 | Episode 064

Episode summary introduction:

We want to start this podcast by saying that we understand that a lot of CNA’s go unappreciated and sometimes we as nurses do not do a good job showing CNA’s how valuable they are in the care of patients.

We are doing something a little different with today's episode and we took time to talk with some CNAs. These are the conversations that we hope you find informative and inspirational.

Aide Interviews:

Tammy Carr-Grant

Semi Manns


A lot of times we tend as nursing professionals and healthcare professionals to assume what others want as appreciation. I’ve learned that the best way to know how someone feels appreciated is by asking them directly. Take the time to sincerely listen to your coworkers and employees. Validation is also appreciation.

To all the PCAs, NAs, CNAs thank you for all you do!!

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