COVID-19 Vaccination | Episode 054

Episode summary introduction:

Like many other people, I was skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccines. And I’m a vaxxer, a firm believer in being vaccinated. But I thought to myself, how could we already have a safe vaccine for a new virus?

Topic 1:

When a person is infected (with COVID-19), it takes days or weeks for their body to make and use germ-fighting tools needed to get over the infection. After, the person’s immune system remembers what it learned about the infection and how to protect the body against that disease.

Topic 2:

Even with different companies working hard to make as many vaccines as possible, there is a constant question if there will be enough. Not just for the US, but around the world.

  1. Pfizer-biontech

  2. Moderna

  3. Johnson and Johnson

Topic 3:

According to the CDC, herd immunity is when a sufficient proportion of a population is immune to an infectious disease (through vaccination and/or prior illness) to help stop the spread of virus from person to person. Those who are not vaccinated are offered some protection because the virus has little opportunity to spread within the community. 94% of the population must be immune to stop the chain of transmission.


As nurses we must continue to educate about COVID-19; hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing even when vaccinated. But we must model what we teach as well. We, Ashley and I, have made a clear stance and have verbalized our opinions and beliefs about vaccinating. Both of us have been vaccinated from COVD-19, with both doses in this series of vaccination. We’re hoping that if you are still on the fence, that you'll vaccinate for your family, friends, and patients.


Sharyl Atkins: episode air date 1.17.21





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