CRISPR CAS9 | Episode 016

Episode summary introduction: Did you know that human DNA is 98% comparable to a chimpanzee and about 50% similar to a banana? This sounds absolutely crazy but it’s true, thanks to the research from the Human Genome Project and genetic engineering has provided.

Topic 1: The Human Genome Project has mapped human DNA, making it possible to to study the abnormal sequences found in genetic disorders. Genetic engineering and the discovery of CRISPR-CAS9 has made it easier, faster and more affordable to cut and edit genetic diseases and replace them with a new or different code. The scientific discovery is amazing. Imagining a world in which cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, and sickle cell disease or HIV/AIDS can be prevented and/or eradicated is mind-blowing. Unfortunately, even though this new technology is an advancement in medical science, some will and may have abused it.

Topic 2: Biohackers have been known to attempt to modify animals and themselves with a variety of technologies, and CRISPR-Cas9 has been added to their repertoire of tools. Most times these biohackers can self-educate from the world wide web and experiment in their kitchens and garages.

Topic 3: From malaria resistant mosquitoes to gene edited human twin girls, the consequences of genetically engineered and altered DNA is still unknown in the long term. Can we make real superheroes with this technology? So if we put this Superhuman together with the seven genes identified, it would be a person with bones so hard, they don’t break easily, with insensitivity to pain, who could bend or stretch in most directions, they would have optimal hearing, vision and speed, with a brain like a human calculator!

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Netflix; Unnatural Selection 2019, episodes 1-4

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