DNA and Designer Babies | Episode 014

Episode summary introduction: Welcome to The Nursing Post podcast: all nursing, all the time with Ashley Moore and Rosa Horsley. This episode we discuss the basics of DNA, how DNA has changed and growing into an era of Designer Babies. Our goal is always to inform, help and start conversation.

Topic 1: From blood type in the 1920’s, to advance in the 1970 to today’s home DNA kits. Medical science and DNA testing and technological advances have come a long way.

Topic 2: Today, Genetic disorders can be mapped, being used in medical research. Families can trace family lineage with genealogy and genetics. DNA fingerprinting is being used at crime scenes, in cold cases, and to exonerate those wrongfully convicted.

Topic 3: What happens when medical advances clash with medicine’s ethical opinions? From the mapping of the Human Genome in the 1990’s to the future of “designer babies”, Will we be ordering babies off of menus and will only the elite, 1% have the option?

Outro: The growth of DNA over the last 100 years has been amazing. DNA started being used for type matching blood transfusions in the 1920s. Now scientists are choosing the gender of your child. The big question is, where is science leading us? Will we move forward into a future where DNA is not for preventing disease, but picking traits?






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Netflix; Explained: Designer DNA 5/23/18 (17 mins)


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This week’s question is: Are we playing God? Will designer babies hinder or benefit the coming generations?

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