Finding the woosah in Nursing | Episode 023

Episode summary introduction:

Nurses face challenges everyday, from day to day stressors to work safety concerns. Job stress is defined as a negative emotional and/or physical response and can occur when your job requirements do not match with your abilities, resources or needs. In these uncertain times, it’s extremely important to take a moment for yourself for your wellness. Finding a work-life balance is important in order to reduce stress and burnout.

Topic 1:

Stress can absolutely affect your entire body. Based on the type, timing and severity of stress, it can affect the body ranging from alterations in homeostasis to life-threatening effects and/or death. If you are in a state of stress more than you are not, the effects of stress are more severe.

Topic 2:

Top Nursing stressors reported by nurses; Work overload (too much to do, not enough time) along with Patient/staff ratios, Time pressure (hurry, hurry, hurry – that’s due yesterday), Paperwork is more important that pt care, Lack of social support (particularly from higher-ups),Exposure to infectious diseases, Needlestick injuries, Exposure to work-related violence or threats, Sleep deprivation, Role ambiguity and conflict, Understaffing, Lack of career development options, and Dealing with difficult or deathly ill patients.

Topic 3:

Strategies to managing nursing stress include; Avoid tobacco use, excess caffeine and alcohol, and the use of illegal substances. Keep professional life and your home life separate. Exercise. Finding and enjoying hobbies. Journaling is also an excellent way to relieve stress. Using a holistic approach like mediation, acupuncture, yoga, diet, sleep/relaxing and aromatherapy.


During this high stress, especially during this pandemic, we as nurses are experiencing higher rates of stress and burnout which directly affects our patients. There is a statistical significance between nurse engagement and patients having better hospital stays. As nurses we need to come together, as one entity, to help care for ourselves and each other. Remember in order to care of others, you also have to care for yourself. Take a moment and breathe.


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