GMOh! | Episode 018

Episode summary introduction: Think that you don’t eat genetically modified foods? Think again! Many foods on the shelves contain something that has been genetically modified. Maybe you didn’t know this, we sure didn’t until researching this topic.

Topic 1: GMO are organisms produced through genetic modification. Genetic engineering works by transferring individual genes from one organism to another.

Topic 2: Organic vs GMO. The pros and cons are discussed.

Topic 3: Future of GMOs include gene Editing/Crispr and cell cultured meats.

Outro: How far is too far when it comes to GMO’s? According to a Forbes Article, nature is already making changes to food which is considered transgenic. This means that there is DNA from other plants making their way into our foods, naturally. Even organic foods contain these transgenic modifications. Would we consider these GMOs differently than the ones made in labs? Make sure you think twice, as beer, tea, peanuts and bananas are some of the few items on this growing list of transgenic foods.


Genetically Modified Food: 2005 Amazon Prime

Netflix Series: Bill Nye Saves the World: Season 1: More Food, Less Hype

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