Group B Strep | Episode 070

Episode summary introduction:

As nurses we have all heard about Group B strep and its importance concerning pregnancy. But what is it? Group B Strep is a bacteria known as group B Streptococcus. It mostly lives in the GI tract and genital tracts. According to the CDC, Most of the time the bacteria are not harmful and do not make people feel sick or have any symptoms. Sometimes the bacteria invade the body and cause certain infections, which are known as GBS diseases. The bacteria does not spread through food, water, or anything that people might have come into contact with. How people get this bacteria or spread them to others is generally unknown.

Topic 1:

Types of Group B Strep in adults

Topic 2:

Group B Strep in pregnancy

Topic 3:

Treatment options for GBS

Topic 4:

In adults, most cases of GBS disease are among those who have other medical conditions. Other medical conditions that put adults at increased risk.


There really is no preventive medication one can take during pregnancy as oral antibiotic treatment ahead of time won't help because the bacteria can return before labor begins. Researchers are currently making and testing vaccines to help prevent GBS infection in mothers and their babies.


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