Healthcare in ICE | Episode 022

Episode summary introduction: The degree of healthcare disparities in America continues to grow and widen amongst minorities. Recent events in this current pandemic complied with civil unrest have made it difficult to ignore. What happens when a demographic of people, Latinos (Latinx) and others, is publicly targeted?

Topic 1: The Medical care guidelines detention standard ensures that detainees have access to appropriate and necessary medical, dental and mental health care, including emergency services.

Topic 2: It is not required by law to report immigration status. This is something that doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can sometimes get confused about. Undocumented immigrants are covered under HIPAA and if someone from law enforcement starts asking questions, you should advise that you cannot disclose any information regarding any patient care and that includes if you are or are not taking care of.

Topic 3: With increase in ICE detainee intakes since the current president elect, news articles have been published describing the inhumane treatment and lack of appropriate medical care detainees have received.

Topic 4: In Dec 2019 Congress launched an investigation into a whistleblowers complaint of inadequate medical treatment after 7 children died in custody. Jakelin Caal and Felipe Gomez Alzono were the first children to die in ICE custody in over 10 years. They were detained in Alamogordo, NM. In July 2020, a committee hearing met to clarify the breakdown in medical care and measures on how to prevent further deaths of children in custody. Those breakdown are discussed.

Outro: It is not our place as nurses or HCP to judge the persons we are caring for. Our job is to provide the best care that we can with the information and resources we have. It has been proven time and time again that education with adequate care helps not only the person receiving care but the “system” as well.

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