Healthcare Worker Safety | Episode 020

Episode summary introduction: As nurses, we can probably think of an incident in which a patient was inappropriate or aggressive, whether verbally or physically. If not, we may have even witnessed this happening to another nurse or heard a nurse talk about their experience. Healthcare and workplace violence in healthcare is very much an ongoing issue. We have seen this in recent months as we turned on the news, saw and heard the stories of healthcare who were assaulted for wearing scrubs in public, outside of their places of employment.

Topic 1: Workplace violence includes such as verbal threats or physical attacks by patients, gang violence in an emergency department (ED) ,a distraught family member who may be abusive or even becomes an active shooter, a domestic dispute that spills over into the workplace, coworker bullying.

Topic 2: Risk Factors and Possible causes ranged from patient and their families’ health conditions to lack of safety practices and procedures at the workplace.

Topic 3: Prevention measures must be initiated to keep patients and clinical health workers safe. Reporting incidents to improve and continue training helps healthcare workers learn to recognize potential hazards and learn how to protect themselves, their coworkers, and their patients. Continued education also reinforces that violence is not an acceptable part of healthcare work.

Outro: Our goal in nursing is to provide compassion, empathy, excellent care and education to each patient. The idea that any act of abuse, verbal or otherwise, is acceptable is appalling. The healthcare industry must take action and hold patients or their loved ones accountable for their actions. We are going to link a free continuing education from the CDC on workplace violence.


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