Medical Miracles| Episode 039

Episode summary introduction:

Girl’s brain tumor vanishes or the church that cured cancer are some of the headlines we read about medical miracles. We are going to talk today about some medical miracles to help lift your spirit in this feel good episode.

Topic 1:

The “church” defines a miracle as If the healed person prayed solely to one person, such as John Paul II, during their ordeal. This is to confirm and prevent a mix-up when determining which person in heaven intercede on their behalf.

Topic 2:

Since medicine is not an exact science; doctors can only make conclusions of their patient’s prognosis by the patient's condition at the time of the evaluation, which may change at any moment. Patients may get better or worse for any number of reasons. Doctors' prognoses are often at least partially wrong.

Topic 3:

  1. Case Report of gastroparesis healing: 16 years of a chronic syndrome resolved after proximal intercessory prayer

  2. Case report of instantaneous resolution of juvenile macular degeneration blindness after proximal intercessory prayer


Many scientists and physicians believe that miracles do not exist and cannot be proven to exist as all science is verified via the scientific method, the ability to replicate the same outcome every time. After researching for this episode, I realized that science is needed and used to verify the validity of miracles. You can’t have one without using the other. Science is used to declare miracles.


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