National Nurses March

Episode title: National Nurses March/ Episode 0101

Episode summary introduction:

2020 was labeled “The year of the Nurse”. This is so sad to me now that it almost makes me chuckle. We went from Hero’s to crap really fast in this pandemic. Nursing has always been a tough career and takes a delicate balance of toughness and compassion that many cannot even fathom. What this pandemic has done, in my opinion, is show nurses what they are worth, and that is fantastic.

Topic 1:

A study done in 2021 shows that nurse-to-patient ratios do make a difference in readmissions, length of stay, and mortality.

Topic 2:

The idea that “agencies are exploiting the pandemic” gets my blood boiling…. Legislators want to cap these agencies, which will ABSOLUTELY directly affect nurses since they are making money by raising their rates, but no one wants to talk about the amount of money big pharma has made during this pandemic.

Topic 3:

This is a double edged sword. Healthcare workers face racism on two sides, from employers and from patients. Although racism is an episode all in of itself, it is important to acknowledge the fact and it’s existence in healthcare. Being a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color). Unfortunately, I have experienced both of these first hand.

Topic 4:

Ashley and I have done a previous podcast episode that discusses the violence that healthcare workers face on a regular basis. Reference episode 020;


We hope to see as many nurses at this march as possible. I know that we all have our differences, but I would hope that many nurses would agree that safe ratios, better pay, and fighting against racism and violence is worth fighting for.


Patient Ratios:

See previous episode

Fair Compensation


Reference Episode 020

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