Neuralink | Episode 037

Episode summary introduction:

It is fascinating to think of an implantable device that could help improve or even dare say cure any neurological disorders. Elon Musk's vision for the Neuralink is quite impressive and may almost seem out of reach. This integration with technology and medical care to an entirely different level.

Topic 1:

The Neuralink is an implanted device that is about the size of a coin. It has hundreds of threads that are attached to it. These threads are microscopic and a fraction of the size of a strand of hair. To give a comparison one thread is 5 microns thick, a human hair is 100-microns thick. These threads are embedded about 4mm into the brain tissue using a robotic arm. Actually, the end result is to have this procedure all done robotically, taking 1 hour to complete. Once the threads are embedded the coin size chip sits flush with your skull, leaving only a small scar that is covered by your hair.

Topic 2:

The Neuralink can also write to neurons. Using an imaging technique called two-photon microscopy, the Neuralink team is able to observe bundles of neurons in real time as the device sends electrical signals. Each electrode can influence between 1,000 and 10,000 neurons. Multiplied by a thousand electrodes, each device can influence 10 million neurons. And with multiple devices, we could begin to influence tens of millions of neurons.

Topic 3:

With all things done to make medical advancements and improvements there will always be those who find a way to take those advancements and use them for their non-intended purposes. Possible conspiracy theories from the critics are discussed.


This theory is heavily criticized. If Elon Musk and his team are able to bring their ideas to fruition, then it will be ground breaking in neuroscience. However, where there is good, evil is always lurking. I think there will be a great deal of responsibility that will have to be taken while developing this software.


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