Nurse Bill of Rights & Code of Ethics for Nurses | Episode 091

Updated: Jan 27

Episode summary introduction:

Many people, including nurses, don't realize that we have rights. There is an actual Nurse’s Bill of Rights. There are a total of 7 nurse’s rights. We were able to find these rights on the ANA website and we’ll discuss each one today along with the code of ethics..

Topic 1:

The 7 Nurse’s Bill of Rights are discussed.

Topic 2: This seems like a good time to go over our code of ethics. I would encourage all nurses to read over this and really think about what they are being asked to do and what they are doing and if it aligns with your rights and ethics. Remember, if you are being sued, no one is going to ask what your facilities policies were at the time and no facility is going to back you in the courtroom.


Honestly, when we decided to discuss this as a topic, I don’t think that we realized what these Bill of Rights actually said. Which is kind of ironic because these are things we’ve been discussing consistently. But the real question is why aren’t these “rights” and “ethics” enforced and whose is the one to enforce them?


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