Nurse's Week 2021 | Episode 058

Episode summary introduction:

How many of us at some point in our nursing careers have thought to ourselves or even discussed with other nurses if we thought nursing was really the right career for us? 2020 was definitely the year that pushed nurses and nursing to the brink. Making nurses think that they wouldn't choose this career if they had to do it all again.

For most of us nursing isn’t a career, it truly is a calling. Our desire to help others is what leads most of us to this profession. The question now is how do we find the positive in nursing?

Topic 1:

With nursing being the largest occupation in healthcare, taking care of yourself so you can take the best care of others is important. According to the ANA’s (American Nurses Association) Code of Ethics says that the moral respect that nurses extend to all human beings “extends to oneself as well: the same duties that we owe to others we owe to ourselves.”

Topic 2: Learning how to give and responding to criticism is hard. I’ve always believed that you can truly say whatever you want as long as it is in a respectful way. Approach is everything.

Topic 3:

Keeping a positive mindset ...

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. People lost lives and loved ones. People lost employment, housing, some lost absolutely everything. I think I can say with some certainty, many people faced negative moments, that made it difficult to find silver linings.


If something is wrong, find out a way to change it….

I used to work for this Director who constantly would tell staff to stop complaining. She’d say, if there was a problem it’s enough to complain about it but have at least one solution to fix it. After years of burnout and no work/life balance, I returned to working in an office setting. Walking in, I saw all sorts of problems but what my former Director said, stuck with me … even to this day. If there is an issue I now always try to bring one suggestion to the table, not just at work but in my homelife as well.



Nursing regrets

Self Care for nurses


Positive environment and attitudes

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