Telemedicine the future of healthcare? | Episode 073

Episode summary introduction:

Yes, 2020 did happen and is just now being viewed from the rearview mirror. With all the bad and ugly of 2020, some good things were brought to the forefront. Disparities was one of them, and telehealth was another. According to the AHA, Telehealth connects patients to vital health care services through videoconferencing, remote monitoring, electronic consults and wireless communications. You may ask yourself, what does one have to do with the other but we’ll get into that shortly.

Topic 1:

Although telehealth has existed for years, it had become the number one way to receive non-urgent medical care in 2020. With the pandemic last year, being quarantined and in lock down, many people were unable to receive in person medical care. It only made sense to bring the office to the patient, so to speak. Being nurses, Ashley and I, were able to see the pros and cons of telehealth/telemedicine. Here’s what we found and experienced.

Topic 2:

The Good

Topic 3:

The Bad


Although telemedicine has it’s limitations, it also has its benefits too. There’s an app for non-urgent medical care; colds, flu, UTI, etc. There are also apps that allow patients to receive counseling sessions from a mental health provider via call, facetime and/or text. Remembering that telehealth/telemedicine has its limits and should not replace the care of your primary care provider. Your PCP gives hands on care, physical exams and blood work and those are important to your total wellness.



Telemedicine and the future;

The downside of telemedicine;

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