The Benefits of Yoga | Episode 079

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There are many health benefits to yoga and with more and more studies coming out, science is able to back up what many are already experiencing. There are so many benefits to yoga that we could talk for hours, but we really don’t have that kinda time, so; today, we are going to talk about some of the top benefits of yoga.

Topic 1:

Yoga is a great outlet for many reasons. Just about any exercise regimen is going to be beneficial to your health. There are an overwhelming amount of studies done showing how exercise can improve quality of life and outcomes in the world of medicine.

Topic 2:

When I think of yoga, I think of relaxation first. So let's talk about ways that yoga can help with stress, anxiety, and mental health.

Topic 3:

Back pain is the number one reason why people go to their GP. Yoga has been shown to be beneficial since it requires stretching and toning of muscles.


One takeaway from the research that we talked about today is that there are many studies available, but case studies are still relatively small. There are so many different types of yoga and practices that it is hard for researchers to pinpoint what exactly is helpful… postures, breathing, meditation or if it is a combination of the 3. It's always best to talk with a physician before starting any exercise regimen.


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