The Radonda Vaught Verdict part 2

Episode title: Rodonda Vaught Verdict/ Episode 0107 and 0108

Episode summary introduction:

Today we discuss the most recently talked about trial and conviction of RaDonda Vaught with our special guest, Cheri Quinn, LPN. Our goal is always to inform and spark conversation.

Topic 1: Facts about the medication error

Topic 2: Systemic issues and coverup within Vanderbilt

Topic 3: Precedent


While Murphey’s life cannot be replaced this may serve as a warning for other nurses, including Vaught, who now awaits her sentencing. The DA's office has confirmed that a conviction of reckless homicide can carry 2-4 years of incarceration and her gross neglect charge could stretch from 3-to 6 years. On Friday, 5/13/22, The judge will determine whether the sentences run concurrently or consecutively, based on the statutory guidelines.


TN v. Radonda Vaught


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