Understanding Autism, a three part series | Episode 004

Episode summary introduction: Welcome to The Nursing Post podcast: all nursing, all the time with Ashley Moore and Rosa Horsley. To honor Autism Awareness Month in April, we will explore Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Topic 1: Defining Autism

The CDC defines Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges.

Topic 2: Causes and when you should be worried?

Providing details on the genetics aspect of Autism, environmental exposures, and myths associated with vaccinations. We also give insight as to when parents or caregivers should be worried about a loved one or patient having Autism.

Topic 3: Risk factors and Signs and Symptoms

In this section we go into individual risk factors for ASD. We also provided a detailed list of signs and symptoms that may occur for a child battling Autism.

Topic 4: Screening

Did you know that only about half of primary care doctors screen for Autism? We will be talking about when to screen and how that looks differently as children age.

Additional Resources Mentioned:

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