Updated CDC guidelines for healthcare workers | Episode 090

Episode summary introduction:

Within the last 2 years a lot has happened in healthcare and the world. We are now on our 3rd known COVID-19 variant. There are probably many more variants that we are not yet aware of at this point. While America and the world attempt a new type of normalcy, the CDC has just released updated guidelines. Today we discuss the updates and the implications.

Topic 1:

The guidelines are continuously changing within this pandemic. As they should, with more information coming out seemingly daily, guidelines should be updated. We do this within medicine all the time as studies come out showing us either better or safer ways to manage illnesses. However, it's interesting to see the progression outlined by the CDC.


Since we are on the topic of guidelines, we thought we would go ahead and dive into the verbiage that the American Heart Association has put out regarding COVID + or suspected COVID + patients that arrest should be prioritized over PPE for the HCWs.







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